As I reflect on this past year, I can’t help ruminating over this event at the grocery store. It opened my eyes to how powerful hula can be in a person’s life. How hula can, when you let it, put grace and elegance into your life where you least expect it. And it became the motivating force behind the creation of Halau ‘O Kaululaua‘e. This simple and significant hula perspective given to me by my kumu to pass on to my students is a reminder that hula is more than hand motions and foot rhythms. It’s more than mere entertainment and fancy costumes. It’s about how we choose to live our lives and communicate with the rest of the world. It’s a creed, so to speak, that our commitment to hula is a commitment to life. From the first day we plant our feet into the rich soil of hula, grace and elegance embeds itself in us moving not just our bodies but our lives as well. And just as the horizon changes when the sun hits it. Hula illuminates our lives and gives us reason to dance in everything we do, even as we do something as simple as shop at the grocery store.

Kumu Miki‘ala Kanekoa